Sales Through Video

Learn how to generate BIG SALES through Small Screens

One out of four businesses have already figured out how to successfully use video in their sales process – don’t be left behind!

BIG SALES small screens


Six Modules in this course will give you all of the hardware, software, strategies, ideas and step by step instructions to launch your own videos!

Video Sales Emails

Why send a boring prospect email when you can send a video sales email instead - which can TRIPLE your response rates!

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Hardware and Software Recommendations

Can you use your smart phone camera? How about lighting? What apps make it easy to record yourself AND your screen? We give you lots of options.

Video Virtual Site Inspections

Are you worried that your virtual site inspections are boring? Or worse yet, ineffective? We show you a unique way to deliver an impressive virtual site tour that will wow your clients.

Checklists and How To Videos

Overwhelmed? Not sure where to start? We give you step by step instructions, along with how to videos. We make it easy for you. - and we also inspire you to set your self apart with unique ideas!

Video sales helps you Close sales faster

75% of late stage prospects decide to buy after watching a video.  


You have questions, we have answers!

How long will I have access to this conent?

You will have access for 30 days after purchasing.  We have also provided downloadable guides and checklists that are yours forever.

How long is this course?

It varies depending on how deeply you want o delve into it.  To watch all of the videos we provide, and read all of the mateirals – it will likely take you about 2-3 hours.  You may want to spend longer reviewing the areas you need more help on and skim over others.  

WHat kind of "hardware" do you cover?

We give optons and samples of everything you might want to buy (or not!) – cameras, lighting, mircophones, accessories like backdrops and grips.  We provide a few different price points for each and photos.

What kind of software do you cover?

A lot.  We do samples and recaps of four popular sales video production apps (from free to $59 a month).  We also cover several different presentation apps.  Whatever you need to deliver great video – at any price point, we give you options.  

What checklists do you provide?

We give you two step by step checklists.  The first is to help you make your own video sales email.  The second is to help you plan and deliver an exceptional virutal site inspection.  We tried to think of everything you might encounter and make it as simple and seamless as possible.  

What do the "how to" videos cover?

Everything from samples of sales video emails you can send to how to create the virtual presentation we share with you in the course .  Anytime we can show you vs just tell you how to do something, we include a video.  

Your guide to modern sales