Influencer Digital Sales Bootcamp – November 2


28 day digital sales bootcamp.  Daily short learning activities to help you grow your sales and improve your digital presence. Once a week join in a live, facilitated Zoom workshop and put into practice what you have learned.  You will be glad you chose to invest in YOU!

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Program Description

If you want to be successful selling today, you need this bootcamp.  Give us a few minutes a day and we will give you new approaches to position yourself as a thought leader and valuable business advisor.  We’ll show you how to engage prospects earlier, create a better first digital impression and build a more compelling business case to close sales.

We help you:

  • Strengthen your presonal brand on LinkedIn
  • Learn new apps to send video sales emails that get a response
  • Tell your product story through compelling video
  • Improve your modern business writing skills
  • Close more sales

You will learn at your own pace by watching videos and walking through practice scenarios.  Then once a week you will join our live Zoom workshops where you can practice what you have learned, ask questions and just make some great connections.

If this is the year you have decided to invest in yourself, sign up now!


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