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Reservations Sales

From Lookers to Bookers






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4:00 h


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Everyone works so hard to get the hotel phone to ring – sales people pound the pavement looking for business, marketing analyzes and crafts the perfect marketing message, revenue management reviews the competition and the market to make sure our pricing is right – and finally success – the phone rings!  The customer is calling us.  Now what?

This program provides the answers to ensuring that once a customer decides to pick up that phone to make an inquiry – that we can turn them from a looker to a booker!  We make answering reservation inquiries a positive and caring experience for your potential guests so that you can grow your sales.

Completing this course will help you:

Who should take this course?

Anyone who might pick up a reservation call!

  • Front desk agents
  • Night auditors
  • Reservations agents
  • Sales managers
  • General Managers

A glimpse into the questions we will answer...

Learning Path

What is your goal?

What is the purpose of hospitality?  You might be surprised with our answer! Before you pick up that phone, you should understand your role in this whole process – it will make a difference we promise!

15 minute video and activity – 20 minutes total

Do people still call hotels or is it all done via the internet?  See what our research tells us – it may change the way you approach those ringing phones.  

15 minute video and activity – 20 minutes total

On the phone or in person, you have 45 seconds to make that first impression.  Choose wisely!  This lesson gives you some great insights into why it matters and how you can best make an impact.

20 minute video and activity – 25 minutes total

We all know sometimes at the front desk or in reservations, you WANT to help your guests but they all come at the same time!  So how can you do a great job, make a great first impression with ALL of them all at once?

17 minute video and activity.  25 minutes total.


Not only is it important to ask the right questions, it is also important how you ask those questions.  We will cover this topic in this session.

30 minute video and activity – 45 minutes.

If you have asked the right questions, and you have gotten to know your customer a little bit, you are ready to really set yourself apart from all the rest by telling your story.

One 20 minutes video and activity – 30 minutes

To close a sale, to upsell a sale, it is all about options.  We will wrap up our training by thinking through the final step of our process – closing.

30 minute video and activity – 40 minutes total.

What people are saying

Price - $249 per person includes training, participant manual and 3 shopping and coaching calls post training.

Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson, President, Star Performance

I love creating and implementing selling and service programs for the hospitality industry.

My training organization has developed these popular and proven programs: Building the Sales Pipeline (BSP), The Culture of Service and Reservations Profit Model (RPM).

I am proud to say that our consulting business has helped our customers to Increase Revenue, Improve Service and Decrease Turnover.

I enjoy hosting planning sessions and customizing training content to fit the specific needs of a given customer.

We are an organization specializing in systems that provide on-going training and support backed by a credible measurement tool in order to make sure that the training content is used and implemented.

My clients ranged from single properties, to medium sized ownership and management companies.

I have been introduced as “a highly sought speaker and presenter who has an an upbeat and entertaining way of communicating with his audiences”.