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Goals and Planning

11 | Goals and Luck

Like most people, I create New Year’s resolutions – but mine end up as an 8 page excel spreadsheet. I know, most people say I am crazy, but I think you are crazy if you don’t do this! In this podcast I will explain the how and why of goal setting and how it has helped so much.

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9 | Adapt or Perish

It may seem a little extreme, but research has shown that it isn’t hunters or farmers who are the most successful sellers, instead, it is those who are able to adapt to what is needed. That is what we explore in this podcast.

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Nature v nurture

7 | Nature vs Nurture

Can you actually train someone to be a great salesperson? Or do they have to come by it naturally.
As the owner of a sales training company, you might assume I would say, OF COURSE you can train someone! But oddly enough, I am going to have to say no, I don’t think you can.
Let me explain. I think there are a lot of different types of great salespeople. People assume in order to be a great salesperson you have to be very extroverted, the life of the party. And I know some great salespeople who fit that description. But I also know some really introverted, analytical salespeople who are also really successful.
There are only three common traits that I have seen in all successful sellers.

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Erik Newton

6 | Account Based Marketing with Erik Newton, Milestone Internet Marketing

Erik Newton is the VP of Marketing at Milestone Inc. He is a growth marketing executive who takes a full-lifecycle view of customer acquisition, experience, and retention. Prior to Milestone, he was the VP of Growth Marketing at BrightEdge.

I asked Erik to come on the show because he is a marketer who does an amazing job of supporting his sales team with amazing buyer enablement tools!

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Dave Hamilton photo

4 | Set Yourself Apart – Dave Hamilton

Dave Hamilton, SVP of Business Development for MMI Hotels has been taking a unique approach – to everything for a long time. Every touch point – from his voicemail message to his follow up is memorable. We talk about some of his best ideas and his approach to sales that has made him so successful.

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3 | Time Management

I do listen to two podcasts pretty religiously – The first is called Sleep with me and trust me, it isn’t what you think. I cannot quite figure out how it works but I will be forever grateful to Will Traynor for introducing me to it. It is a podcast that puts you to sleep. I have an echo dot in my bedroom and when I cannot fall asleep (or back to sleep) I say, Alexa, play the Sleep with me Podcast and on comes this very odd man. He doesn’t necessarily have a soothing voice and honestly, I cannot tell you exactly why or how, but he puts me to sleep almost immediately. I mean, right away – I cannot tell you even one topic that he talks about because I never make it that far and I am out. I am just hopeful that he isn’t doing some sort of suggestive hypnosis that is telling me to do nefarious things. But, it is a risk I am obviously willing to take in order to get some good sleep!

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2 | Big Event Planner Interview

I kept hearing about how much trouble these event planners were causing my hotel sales clients and I thought, why are they trying to persecute us iwth all these cancellations? So I called two big event planners I know and they definitely explained things to me from a new perspective! Lance Fensterman is the President of ReedPop and Matthew Brown is the Managing Director of C2C Events.

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