We Love Sales, Marketing, Technology and Adult Learning!

And we know, today, they are all intertwined. Gone are the days of silos! Our sales training incorporates marketing and tech, our marketing training includes tech and sales strategies. We work better together.

Our Current Training Programs

Hotel Digital Marketing Essentials

Get comfortable and savvy about the hotel marketing landscape today.

Virtual Classroom

6 weeks, 60 minutes each week - we cover the fundamentals.

Influencer Sales Training Two-day details

This started everything.

In Person

We come to you. We recommend class sizes of 8-20 participants.

Influencer Sales Training Web Series

Give us 4 weeks, 90 minutes each week, we will help you evolve.

Virtual Classroom

Sign up for open enrollment or schedule a class just for your team.

Influencer Sales Training 28 Day Bootcampt

Daily, 20 minute sessions, weekly workshops.

Blended eLEarning

Sign up for open enrollment or schedule a class just for your team.
  • Choose the right software
  • Make scheduling easy
  • Make the meeting productive
  • Stop wasting time!


$125 per hour for 1-4 people

If you have found yourself working from home, managing a team who is also working from home, or just need to learn how to use Zoom, we can help.

We offer one on one training/coaching for anyone who needs help navigating either the technical side of online meetings – or as important, how to make online meetings run smoothly.    

Contact us today at or call 614.638.2194

"We design our training programs to be interactive, hands on workshops. Adults bring a lot of experience to the program and we want to enhance, not change them. Each person should feel comfortable using these skills because they simply become an extension of the way they work."
Holly Zoba

Special Offer - If you would like to see a sample of one of our workshop workbooks - you can get a glimpse here.